Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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Aero engine / Airframe Preparation and Finishing

Rösler is the world's leading producer of surface finishing equipment together with related abrasives and water treatment. Our aerospace division provides a wide range of blasting process such as shot peening, wet blasting, high pressure water jet blasting, paint stripping/coating removal, general surface roughening, as well as vibratory finishing applications for a variety of aircraft engine components and customer specific special applications.

Our research and development programmes have in recent years produced many surface finishing processes now widely used in the world's high tech industries, with aerospace in particular benefiting from them.

Rösler's worldwide centers of excellence are set up to  perform surface finishing process trials on customer's components, offer ISO-accredited sub-contract finishing services, -as well as provide full after sales support that includes service, spares and a comprehensive inventory of abrasives.

Aero Engine and Air Frame finishing on both new and rebuild is a major part of Rösler's involvement in aerospace. Our unique ISF®/REM® and Keramo® process produce surface finishes on engine blades, rotors and stators, that yield significant engine performance improvements in terms of reduced specific fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature margins and limited metal removal.
Chemically accelerated surface finishing (Isotropic Superfinish ISF®) achieves surface finishes as low as Ra = 0.02 µm (Ra = 0.8 µinch), Rz = 0.2 µm (Rz = 8 µinch).

Our innovative use of a robot (Roboblaster), for shot-peening aero engine blades has improved consistency of quality for a major aero engine manufacturer.

Rösler machines show the following features:

  • built to customer specification
  • integrated in customers process
  • closed loop control for air/water
  • closed loop control for shots/blasting media flow for metallic and non-metallic media
  • CNC or PLC control of nozzles or piece holders
  • high accuracy and high reproducibility of process parameters
  • quality built equipment
  • low cost of ownership due specially designed components for low wear and durability resulting in long equipment life and low maintenance expenditures
  • software system for process monitoring (statistical process control) and documentation
  • special equipment (e.g. internal peening devices, adjustable shape classifier for shots, high efficiency injectors)


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