Standard range of air blast cabinets

These highly flexible, easy-to-use machines are designed on the simple principle of accelerating the abrasive with air (pressure or suction), and are particularly suited to small and medium production quantities.

Dry Process

210S Model
210S Model
Vacjet PF mobile unit
Vacjet PF mobile unit

Manual blast cabinets

A wide range is available from 0.5 to 3.5 m3 capacity, supplied in two versions:

  • 4 Suction fed.
  • 4 Pressure fed.

Models of advanced design, they combine efficiency with ease of use and environmental compliance. Prefiltration by micro cyclones reduces abrasive consumption, protects the final filter and allows blasting with fine abrasives.



Mobile blast unit with instantaneous recovery

Fitted with an annular brush mounted on a gun, these machines project, recover, separate, clean and recycle the abrasive. Not requiring special protection for the operator, they are designed for local stripping, weld cleaning:

  • Vacjet AC: suction fed.
  • Vacjet PF: pressure fed.
106S Modell
201S Modell
Vacjet PF mobile unit
manual carriage and turntable

Wet Process

210H model with vertical carrage and motorized shaft
210H model with vertical carrage and motorized shaft
212H model with handlng and rinsing station
212H model with handlng and rinsing station

Manual blast cabinets

6 cabinet models are available from 0.3 to 3.5 m3 capacity. They are supplied in stainless steel.

Special equipment

The following optional special equipment can be fitted to the standard machines:

  • Motorized barrels,
  • Motorized turntables,
  • Automatic x-, y- and z-axis controls,
  • Handling stations,
  • Sieving,
  • Spiral separator (dry process),
  • Rinsing and settling tanks (wet process),
  • Semi-automatic doors,
  • and many more features.


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