Blasting Nozzles

Internal Blasting Nozzles

Rösler provides the world largest selection of internal blasting lances. The customer can choose from over 100 different standard designs which are hold in stock. The standard diameters range from O.D.-Ø 0.091"-0.71" (Ø 2.3-18mm) and lengths up to 20.4" (500mm).

However, on request smaller diameters are available and lengths up to 59" (1500mm) can be realised. For very abrasive blasting media, e.g. glass or aluminium oxide, a new nozzle material is used. Instead of a standard tungsten carbide, Rösler can offer the so called BOR-2800 material, which is extremely wear resistance (Vickers Hardness 2800). 

External Blasting Nozzles

The standard external blasting nozzles are available in diameters Ø 6-14mm and made of BORON CARBIDE. They are available in 2 different length of L=85mm and L=100mm.  Rösler can provide the complete set starting from lead-in nozzle up to nozzles holder.

Special Application Nozzles

Where standard designs may not be suitable, a special application nozzle may do the job. Rösler has a variety of special nozzle designs.

E.g.: bend nozzles, fishtail and spoon nozzles or even nozzles which allow upward blasting.


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