Vibratory Finishing

Special wide range through vibrator Finishing of large wing spare
Special wide range through vibrator Finishing of large wing spare

The surface finishing of casings and large structures on both new and re-built aero engines and air frames has always been expensive. The surface finish is important because surface smoothness and blending of machine marks and sharp corners improves engine performance, fuel consumption and safety.

The work is often carried out manually, requiring a a high skill level. Unfortunately, this method produces variations in finish and thus quality problems. Throughout the aerospace industry, there are many types of Rösler vibratory machines in use finishing large structures.  

A specialised range of circular vibratory bowls, designed without a centre column, is used to surface finish blisks and complete stator rings. The action of the abrasive media in this type of machine is excellent, giving good media coverage over all airflow surfaces.

Rösler rotary vibrator lines including drying systems and waste water treatment (centrifuges).

The Rösler range of high power drag grinding and polishing machines has started to play an ever increasing role in the finishing needs of the aerospace industries.

The basic principle of drag finishing is the controlled movement of a spindle-mounted component in a static abrasive mass.

There are many benefits with this type of finishing:

  • 100% protection against impingement of heavy and/or delicate aerospace components
  • Cutting rates greater than normal vibro or high-energy systems
  • Low Ra values
  • Access to difficult to reach areas of component
  • Even surface coverage

Rösler drag finishing offers the ideal solution for turbine blades and vanes, particularly multi-span assemblies which formerly have been finished by hand or chemical processes.


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