Wet Process

Dual cabin wet blast system
Dual cabin wet blast system

The wet blasting process is used for surface improvement, cleaning, stripping, precoating preparation, deburring, shot peening, and contaminant removal.

The surfaces treated by the wet process come close to perfection as far as physical/chemical cleanliness is concerned. This process is particularly suited to the treatment of delicate, precision machined parts.
The main advantages are:

  • No dust
  • Ability to use very fine abrasives.
  • Reduced fragmentation due to the water film (ideal  for shot peening using glass beads).
  • Reduced risk of inclusions (especially on soft metal) as water has a cleaning effect.

Quartz and silica cleaning of mechanical parts and tools. White aluminium oxide: precoating surface preparation, surface cleaning and preparation on plastics. Spheric Shot beads: mould and miscellaneous part renovation and cleaning. Bright Shot beads: wet shot peening, surface blending.

Additives: antirust compounds, non-stick compounds, etc.

Equipped with similar features as the dry process equipment, the special wet process systems are fitted with automation systems or numerical driven systems to control the blast nozzle's movements as well as the handling of the treated parts.

Cleaning, contaminant removal, stripping, precoating, surface preparation and shot peening with glass beads are carried out with the highest conditions of reproducibility. Parameter optimisation guarantees high quality.

Special equipment can be added to these machines:

  • Water/abrasive mixture concentration control.
  • Cyclone separator / hydrocyclone.
  • Continuous media classification (in particular size ranges).
  • Filtration and settling tanks for residual water.


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