Produktportfolio für Oberflächenbearbeitung



Rősler ensures the shotblast process is up to speed for a long standing , quality driven and progressive Foundry

Castings P.L.C. is a market leading UK iron casting and machining group. Their continued strength is largely as a result of investment in the latest technologies and manufacturing processes. ...More Information
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Applications for surface finishing

There's hardly a workpiece surface that can't be improved with the machine and process technology of Rösler. Treatment processes are for example deburring, descaling, polishing, sand removal or roughening. We set high standards concerning the quality of our products, processes and the After Sales Service. Every employee is anxious to work out the optimal solution for the customer's requirements. We have test centres all over the world, which are equipped with the latest process technology, in order to permanently optimize the various treatment processes. Due to our worldwide network of branches and representatives we are able to react effectively and fast to customers´ wishes.


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