Reinigungstechnik für eine saubere Umwelt!

„All of us share ecological responsibility“

The Rösler Company has been guided by this golden rule throughout its history.
Our centrifugal force filtering equipment help protect the environment.

The technologies utilized for treating process water (for example from the glass processing) like coolants (or oil baths), sludge from painting operations and other industrial liquids must not only guarantee an excellent cleaning effect but they must also be economical. With its sturdy and sophisticated centrifuge technology Rösler offers a wide range of cleaning solutions which include numerous technical features which excel with their outstanding cost efficiency.
Any technology for cleaning and recycling of process liquids must overcome significant technical, ecological and economic challenges to meet the prevailing cleanliness standards. The powerful centrifugal filters from Rösler, available with 2- or 3-phase separation, are usable for a wide range of different cleaning tasks and can easily be adapted to specific applications.


Horst Brückner
Process specialist
Cleaning technology
Tel.: +49 9533 924-800
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