Produktportfolio für Oberflächenbearbeitung

Painting of wooden products

For painting of wooden products rotary vibrators are in use. During this process the paint is very deep incorporated into the wood. The wooden surface is absolutely smooth after painting in a vibratory machine and requires no further processing steps. Not only painting of wooden small parts but also grinding and rounding are possible.

Wooden toys
vibratory finishing: painting of wood and toys


Test Lab Vibratory Finishing

At our headquarters in Untermerzbach, Germany and all of our branches, we operate test centres equipped with an extensive range of machinery to provide sample processing for our customers.

Specialist process technicians advise customers on choice of processes or help them develop a specific process. Send us your component identifying the finish required and our team of experts will find the right solution for you.

Test Centre Vibratory Finishing:
Phone: +49 9533 924-0


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