Rősler ensures the shotblast process is up to speed for a long standing , quality driven and progressive Foundry

Castings P.L.C. is a market leading UK iron casting and machining group. Their continued strength is largely as a result of investment in the latest technologies and manufacturing processes. ...More Information
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Constant innovation and development are the keys to our success in surface finishing

Rösler Laboratory
Rösler Laboratory

Our specialists in their respective fields constantly collaborate to further develop our integrated systems and solutions. Developing solutions at our corporate headquarters speeds up important decision-making processes. This is also the basis for our continuing successes which are based on our intensive interaction with the market. This allows us to continuously improve the already high quality of our processes and products.
We will continue to develop innovative system solutions in our product and process laboratories, to ensure that our customers stay ahead of their competition in the global marketplace.

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