Overview of surface treatment technology parts

Overview of surface treatment technology parts



Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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State-of-the-art shot blast technology - with shot blast equipment from RÖSLER

The brand RÖSLER stands for proven total solutions for surface preparation and surface finishing. Our business is the improvement of surfaces. Be it vibratory finishing or shot blast technology: Through comprehensive processing trials we develop tailor made solutions for the specific surface treatment requirements of our customers.

At RÖSLER we excel with innovative products and services, broad-based technical know-how and a deep focus on an integrated systems approach.  Thanks to our high quality standards in vibratory finishing as well as shot blast technology and numerous key innovations, our company was able to establish itself as market and technology leader in the field of surface treatment. Especially in the area of shot blast technology we continuously develop - in cooperation with our customers - individual technological solutions…

State-of-the-art shot blast technology - What is shot blasting?

The shot blast technology is a method for the mechanical improvement of surfaces. The energy used for the shot blast process, i.e. the acceleration of the blast media, is generated by compressed air, high pressure pumps or blast turbines throwing the blast media onto the work piece surface with speeds of up to 170 m/sec (560 ft/sec). The blast results depend on items like, for example, the equipment type and process parameters, but mainly on the type and size of the blast media utilized for the shot blasting process.

The shot blast technology made by RÖSLER is characterized by its excellent blast performance and short cycle times, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced time requirements and, thus, provides the users with significant competitive advantages. Simple equipment operation, long-life wear parts and quick maintenance facilitated by easy equipment accessibility, are further arguments for the shot blast technology solutions from RÖSLER.  All machines are manufactured to the well-known high RÖSLER quality standards and are in full compliance with the today’s modern shot blast technology requirements.

Shot blast technology from A to Z: Which shot blast processes are available in the market?

  • The turbine shot blast technology utilizes so-called blast turbines (also called "blast wheels") which – through high speed rotation – accelerate and throw the blast media. This technology is mainly used for derusting, deburring/deflashing, descaling, desanding and surface roughening.
  • The shot blast technology utilizing compressed air is always used when a targeted, relatively small surface area on the work pieces must be treated.
  • The water based shot blast technology generates a water jet with pressures of up to 4,000 bar (58,000 psi) or, alternatively, a mix of water and special blast media is accelerated by a special slurry pump.
  • The so-called "shot peening" process is mainly used in the automotive and aerospace industries. By inducing a compressive residual stress on the surface of parts exposed to high dynamic operational loads, shot peening helps extend the service life of such components
  • Duroplast deflashing is a special shot blast technology application for the treatment of plastic components. 
  • Fully automatic, turnkey preservation lines are rounding off the RÖSLER equipment portfolio. With these systems steel components and semi-finished products like steel fabrications receive a temporary corrosion protection coating that allows their problem-free processing down the manufacturing process.

The RÖSLER shot blast technology: finding a better way …

The RÖSLER focus has always been on customer oriented technical solutions which include first-class quality combined with cost efficiency and, thus, offer our customers significant competitive advantages. The customer provides us with his technical requirements – RÖSLER finds the best technical and cost effective solution.

At Rösler the shot blast technology is utilized for a wide range of  different applications:


Roller Conveyor Machine RRB
Roller Conveyor Machine RRB
Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting Machine
Overhead Rail Machine RHB
Overhead Rail Machine RHB
Compressed air blast cabinet STD 2000 P/s-So
Compressed air blast cabinet STD 2000 P/s-So
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