Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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Saving in Resources by Using Closed-Loop Systems

Rösler Process Water Recycling Systems can be connected to virtually any vibratory finishing machine. This increases the savings potential of vibratory finishing. Most vibratory finishing processes such as de-burring, precision grinding, rough grinding, radiussing or polishing are wet processes. Water and cleaning agents (compounds) are the carriers for resultant removal of media and metal fines.
The resultant process water is completely recycled via a closed-loop system. Water and compound savings contribute to significant cost reductions. The system technology is based on special centrifugal technology with an acceleration factor of up to 2000 g, coupled with environmentally-friendly chemistry developed in-house.
Rösler Process-Water Circulation Systems can be adapted to any vibratory finishing application. Semi- and fully-automatic centrifugal systems are available.

Semi-Automatic Compact Centrifuges

Semi-Automatic Compact Centrifuges

This range of centrifuges provides excellent cleaning characteristics, as well as requiring very little space. The complete unit with electric controls, collecting and clear water tank is shipped to the customer pre-installed, requiring no on-site installation.

Automatic Centrifuges

Automatic Centrifuges

In applications with large water and sludge volumes, manual removal of the sludge from the system is no longer feasible. In such cases, centrifugal systems with automatic sludge removal are utilized. The main characteristic of these systems is that the sludge is “peeled” from the drum wall and is collected in a sludge container located below the drum with a capacity of 300 liters. After peeling, the drum is rinsed to remove residual sludge and to prevent imbalance during subsequent cleaning cycles. All centrifuges are equipped with an imbalance monitor. If an imbalance occurs, the centrifuge automatically turns itself off.

Z 800AH Turbo-Floc with waste water and clear water tank
Fully automatic circulation process water system Z 1000 with protection enclosure
Cleaning of process liquids with centrifugal force technology"
Efficient separation of liquids and solids - as process water, coolants from machining and saw cutting operations, paint sludge and other contaminated process liquids
Process Water Recycling Systems / Chemical Flocculation Systems
Several thousand process water recycling systems are successfully running in various industries and applications
Roesler centrifuges are the standard for successful separation of solids in process water
Sturdy, corrosion-resistant collecting  and clean water tanks made from polyethylene
The volume of the recycling tanks is determined by the required process water quantities
Process Water Recycling System with automatic Sludge Removal


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