The Rösler Roboblaster RROB 350/1200-4 was designed for fully automatic de-sanding, de-burring and surface finishing of cylinder heads. A cylinder head passes through the entire finishing process in 36 seconds, of which only 10 seconds are utilized for the actual shot-blasting process.

The RMBC 8.2 tumblast machine was developed to meet the most stringent blast cleaning requirements for foundry and forge applications. This system can finish parts weighing up to 200 kg in batches of up to 800 l (max. batch weight 2000 kg).

For fully automatic surface finishing of the outer surfaces and inner channels of mid-sized components, Rösler developed the Complete-Desander (RCD). In a RWH 6/12-2 oscillating chamber shot blasting system the outer surface is treated and in a secondary air blast cabinet a robot - equipped with blast nozzles - blast cleans difficult-to-reach surfaces such as inner channels and hidden surfaces.

Modern Roller Conveyor Machines RRB 27/6 with dual-inclined blast wheel units (3 above and 3 below the blast cabin). RRB machines are usually equipped with our proven Hurricane wheels with 11, 15 or 22 kW. For special high-performance applications we offer wheels with a power of 55 kW.

Rösler Roboblaster RROB 350/1200-4
RMBC 8.2 tumblast machine
RWK 6/12-2 oscillating chamber shot blasting
RRB 42/6 - preservation line meets the most stringent requirements for cost efficiency and quality


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