Fully automatic aligning and blast cleaning of engine blocks
weighing up to 5 metric tons 

Engine Block Shot Blast Systems RMBS 1-842

Engine block shot blast system RMBS 1-842

This newly developed engine block shot blast system RMBS 1-842 is used for blast cleaning and descaling of all engine block versions after the fettling operation weighing between 1,000 kg and 5,000 kg. To allow a fully automatic operation up to 99 different shot blast programs can be stored in the main control panel.
The RMBS is equipped with eight high performance blast turbines, type EVO 38, mounted on the roof of the blast chamber, Each of these turbines, with a wheel disk diameter of 40 cm and an installed drive power of 30 kW each, can throw up to  350 kg of blast media per min.

Highlight of the Rösler shot blast system is the specially designed manipulator with two built-in grippers allowing the treatment of one large or two smaller engine blocks. As soon as the blast chamber is closed, the gripper precisely rotates the engine block(s) under the blast stream. The manipulator also allows an oscillating gripper movement which is especially important for processing of smaller components.

The engine block shot blast system RMBS 1-842 is used for de-sanding and blast cleaning of components weighing up to 5 metric tons and containing 4 metric tons of sand.
Eight (8) high performance blast turbines are mounted on the roof of the blast chamber. Their optimum position was determined by computer simulation ensuring that all surface areas of the engine blocks, including the front and rear sections, are evenly ex
The specially designed manipulator is equipped with two grippers allowing the simultaneous blast cleaning of two smaller engine blocks.


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