Benchmarking: blasting turbine Gamma G

Gamma® G Turbine

With this turbine the Rösler engineering team has set a new, significant milestone in the continuous technical improvement of blast turbines. The Gamma G is by far the most maintenance-friendly turbine in the market. It can not only be installed in a wide range of new shot blast equipment but can also be easily retrofitted into existing blast machines.


Not only were the blades given a concise design with a high recognition value, moreover this allows using them twice, which gives way to enhanced energy efficiency and an optimized changing cycle. 


At the moment no comparable turbines can be found on the market. Irrespective of the industry, be it foundries, ship building or steel fabrication, the Gamma G turbine increases turbine uptimes by a factor of two and drastically reduces the time required for maintenance.

The advantages against conventional turbines:

  • Extremely easy replacement of throwing blades
  • Utilization of both sides of the throwing blades
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • Unique, protected design of the curved throwing blades

    Upgradeable for machines of all suppliers.
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    Maintenance-friendly with opening in the turbine housing
    Double use of the throwing blade.
    Enormous efficiency by advanced technology.


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