Special systems for cleaning casting moulds and other parts

Mould Cleaning Machines - Rotary Table Machines

Rotary Table Machines RDT

Rotary Table Machines RDT

The parts are placed on the rotating table.  This machine type is available in batch and indexing mode.  Injection or pressure blast system optional.

Shot peening is an important process for many industrial sectors
The machines can be equipped with either turbine, injection or pressure blasting systems
Excellent peening effect - this system allows compressive stress levels of up to 1,200 Mpa
Rotary Table Machines RDT
Satellite Table Machines RDT-S

Mould Cleaning Machines - Blasting Cabinets

Blasting Cabinets ST

Blasting Cabinets RSKI, RSKD

Blast cabinets are ideal when a variety of small parts is to be treated. The cabinets can be equipped with turntables, baskets, blast nozzles, pressure blasting systems, oscillators and other special auxiliary equipment, making them very versatile. The full-width front-opening door provides clear access to the complete blast chamber and the special design prevents blast media spillage when opened.


Pressure and injector blast cabinets are used for:

  • cleaning
  • surface finishing
  • decorative blasting.

The range of shot blast media that can be used covers all non-hygroscopic media from very abrasive materials (e.g. aluminium oxide or silicon carbide) to plastic media and corn cob.

Blast Cabinets ST 1400 PS-SO

Blast Cabinets ST 1400 A

This special mould cleaning machine has a  cover, which can be completely tilted back. This facilitates loading and unloading of the parts. The rotary table (up to 500 kg maximum batch weight) allows semi-automatic and fully automatic processing.

The full width front opening door provides clear access to the complete blast chamber
Blasting cabinets
Pressure and injection systems available
ST 1400 PS-SO Blast Cabinets

Mould Cleaning Machines - Compressed air blast cabinet

Compressed air blast cabinet STD 2000 P/s-So

Compressed air blast cabinet STD 2000 A

Compressed-air system for manual and semi-automatic cleaning of casting moulds and dies. The mould release agent and  scale are removed economically from the components.

STD 2000 P/s-So Compressed air blast cabinet
Compressed air blast system for manually rust removal, descaling, deburring, cleaning, roughening or matting of various components.


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