100% automation - Robot Shot Blasting

The operating scope of this high performance blasting system "Roboblaster" with one arm robot comprises deburring, surface finishing, as well as shotpeening of impact sensitive components of various dimensions. Every user of shotblasting technology that is using or planning a certain degree of automation in his company, should think about having a system like this with robo-handling. The Roboblaster® system comprises definition of the size, the performance and the technical parameters of the robot to be used, as well as determination of the design of transport systems. The Roboblaster® is tailored to suit the needs to the needs of the customer.



The Roboblaster concept has been  implemented a number of ways. One example is the deburring and surface-finishing of cylinder heads made of aluminium diecastings for a car manufacturer. The sealing system, with patent pending, is a Roboblaster specialty. The robot places its docking plate on the shot-blasting machine aperture and seals it. This ensures shorter cycle times and less wear, without any mechanical locking mechanisms.

Robot Shot Blasting

The Rösler Roboblaster RROB 350/1200-4 was designed  for automatic processing of cylinder heads for five-cylinder as well as four-cylinder engine blocks. This dual usability is possible due to the special design of the robot gripper.

Robot Shot Blasting

The mini version of the Roboblaster for very small aircraft components.


The main body of the shot blasting system is adapted to the component size and geometry,  passage aperture, number of shot-blasting wheels or compressed air capacity. The weight  capacity of the robot and the type and sizing of the patented grippers are dependent on the component weight.

Fullautomatic treatment process
Easy integration of system into existing production processes
Maximum reproducibility


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