Rotary Table Machines / Satellite Table Machines

Special shot blasting of individual components by using rotary table machines / satellite table machines.
The parts are placed on the rotating table, where they continuously pass through the blasting area. This guarantees uniform blasting of the surface. This type of machine is available as indexed and batched versions. The machines can be equipped with turbines, injection or pressure blasting principle. These types of blasting systems are commonly in use at the automotive industry and automotive suppliers. The integration into existing production lines and complete automation by using robots stand for this universal machine type of blasting systems.

Typical areas of application:

Rotary Table Machines RDT

Rotary Table Machines RDT

This type of system is characterised by its multiple applications. Components with different sizes, shapes and geometries, as well as delicate components, can be processed easily.






Satellite Table Machines RDT-S - Turbine Principle

Satellite Table Machines RDT-S - Turbine Principle

These machines have three satellite turntable inserts (multiple table options are available upon request), each with a diameter of 1000 mm. These are integrated into the main table level, which has a diameter of 2500 mm. Once on the rotary disks, the components are blasted by high-performance Hurricane or Rutten turbines.






RDT Rotary Table Machine
SA turntable units have been in use for several decades now for blast cleaning and deburring delicate components
As a rule, turntable units are designed for the processing of a particular work-piece with an individual degree of automation
Unlike conventional RDT table blasting machines compressive stress levels up to 1,500 MPa can be induced on the parts surface in this machine

Rotary Indexing Satellite Table Machines (air blasting) SA 1400

Satelliten-Drehtischanlagen-Druckluftprinzip SA 1400

With the Rösler SA 1400 indexing rotary table machine, gentle finishing of different kinds of components with no part-on-part contact is possible.
The entire spectrum of blasting applications ranges from delicate deburring up  to  shot peening. The installation is particularly interesting for applications in which the entire surface of the components need not be blasted, but only specific sections.

The SA 1400 concept is based on a modular system and can be equipped with 6, 8, 10 or 12 satellites operating completely automatically.

These machines can be equipped with either injection or pressure blasting systems.



SA 1400


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