Rutten Gamma Turbines

Long Life Turbine Gamma

With the acquisition of the Rutten Turbines S.A. in 2001 Rösler took a major step in expanding and rounding off its portfolio of high performance blast turbines. The proven Rutten Gamma turbines, equipped with components made from carbide steel, are characterized by their extremely long service life of up to 30,000 operating hours resulting in significantly higher equipment uptimes and drastically reduced time requirements for maintenance. Moreover, they offer substantial savings in energy consumption and spare part costs. The blades were given a concise design with a high recognition value, which, in addition, allows using them twice. Rutten Gamma turbines are installed in a wide range of new shot blast equipment and can be easily retrofitted into existing shot blast machines.

The patended C-Turbines and the patented Rutten Gamma-ϒ-Turbines stand out for:

  • Increased abrasive projection speed
  • Exceptional wear resistance (high-strength alloys)
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Extreme long service life (C-Turbines 8 times, Gamma-ϒ-Turbines 8 to 16 times)
  • Adaptable blast pattern
  • Improved shotblasting results (C-Turbines 50% to 70%, Gamma-Y-Turbine 45% to 58% higher blasting productivity compared to conventional blast wheels)
  • Reduced shot consumption
  • Very low consumption of spare parts
  • Reversible turbines, blast pattern regulator and pre-accelerator (Gamma-ϒ-Turbine)

Upgradeable for machines of all suppliers.
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