Shot blasting of bulk materials or sensitive components - batch or continuous operation

The Rösler portfolio of tumblast systems covers four different series that are equipped according to the application area with high performance turbines or compressed air technology. The components are permanently kept in motion during the blasting process whereby they are continuously blasted from all sides and the media will be discharged from all re-entrant angles. Descaling, deburring, sand removal or coring of foundry or forged parts or the surface preparation of heat-treated components are carried out in these tumble belt systems. The great advantage of Rösler´s tumblast plants is the possibility of fulfilling any customer´s request to the process, the component as well as the integration into existing production lines. Automatic loading systems and conveyors for transporting the components are of course a part of this Rösler-portfolio.

Typical areas of application:

Tumble Belt Batch Machine RMBC

RMBC 6.2

Mass-produced components, which can be tumbled, are ideal for processing in tumble belt batch machines, no matter what materials they are made from. Anything from small, delicate plastic parts to large, forged components, can be finished to the highest standard.

The batch system can be extended to a fully automatic system with the addition of peripheral loading and unloading equipment.

Tumble Belt Batch Machines RMBC

Tumble belt batch machines  can also be equipped with a steel belt (manganese steel) instead of a rubber belt. Thus equipped, the machine is suitable for components weighing up to 150 kg (3000 kg batch weight).
Forgings and castings, as well as moulds and stampings, are descaled, ...
... component feed, ensures high throughput.
... derusted and deburred in this turbine shot blasting system.
Batch desanding and cleaning of cast parts with continuous ...
Combined with additional features, the Rösler tumble belt shot blasting system can be ideally adopted to almost any purpose
RMBC 10.3 Heavy-Duty Version
RMBC 10.3 Heavy-Duty Version
RMBC 4.2 Heavy-Duty Version

Through Feed Tumble Belt Machines RMBD

Through Feed Tumble Belt Machines RMBD

With the development of  the RMBD continuously operating through feed tumble belt system, Rösler has set the highest level of standards for automated finishing of components. The system can be used for anything from high volume bulk components to components with complicated geometries. The high throughput of the RMBD makes this design very economical, and opens up possibilities for flexible production schedules. This gives you the potential for substantial cost savings, without sacrificing product quality or equipment reliability.


High degree of efficiency thanks to the short distance between the turbines and components
A throughput of up to 10 tons of steel parts per hour possible
Integration into existing production lines is possible at any time
Short distance between the turbines and components


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