Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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Process media

Antistatic media

Antistatic media

The following anti-static media are used, depending on application and conditions:

  • RAST 20
Blast media

Blast media

The wide range of potential applications requires a correspondingly broad range of deflashing media. Long service life, low wear and the shortest possible deflashing time are the key criteria for the blast media. Ongoing comparison tests, deflashing tests, and examination of the blast media ensure constant refinement and are the reason that the simple “ancillary medium” has evolved into a major factor in cost reduction.
We can supply you with a wide assortment of different blast media for testing. Our large warehouse carries a large inventory of standard deflashing media in various granule sizes. Our deflashing machines can be operated with the following deflashing media:

  • Polyamide (PA), cubical or cylindrical
  • Polycarbonaet (PC) cylindrical
  • Filled polyamide deflashing media for special applications
  • Natural products from nutshells or pits (cherry, apricot, etc.)
  • Thermoset material


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