Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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Manufacturing Cells

WS 1200 swing table deflashing machine

WS 1200 swing table deflashing machine

A deflashing machine intended specifically for gentle deflashing of diverse thermoset mouldings and for variable capacities in one machine. In a dual-step operation involving a swing table, the mouldings are deflashed individually or in groups on 2 opposite satellites. While one satellite is being loaded or unloaded, the parts on the other satellite are deflashed. The modular system permits different configurations to suit individual requirements. Depending on the type of components, two methods are available for the fully automated blasting and deflashing process – blasting with injector nozzles for very selective deflashing, or the economical turbine system. The satellites can be equipped with holding fixtures for up to 6 parts. The deflashing machine can be integrated smoothly into a manufacturing cell without compromising operational safety. For example, in instances where different parts are produced in one or more injection moulding machines or by compression moulding and then have to be deflashed automatically.


Deflashing chamber with blasting and blow-off nozzles




Key features WS 1200 swing table deflashing machine

Deflashing machine that can be equipped alternatively with 1–2 turbines or up to 8 blasting nozzles.


For automatic deflashing of

  • delicate components in a manufacturing cell

  • an entire mould cavity

Auxiliary equipment:

  • one turntable per station
  • rotating satellites for 1 – 6 part-holding fixtures per station
  • satellites mounted in the direction of rotation
WS 1200 转台式去飞边设备。
WS 1200 横截面
WS 1200型的一个加工单元

SAS 1400 turntable unit

SAS 1400 turntable unit

Turntable units are designed for processing a particular workpiece with varying degrees of automation. For this reason, the SAS series is based on a modular system that permits economical solutions for manual feeding, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation. Horizontal and vertical nozzle movement increases the degree of automation in the units.

The SAS turntable unit can be customised to your requirements with accessories such as  separate
air-wash separators, pressure blasting equipment or handling devices. 



Key features SAS turntable units
For up to 10 blasting guns, the rotary table is indexing, for manual feeding, semi-automatic or fully-automatic operation.


For deflashing

  • small to medium-size components
  • delicate components

Typical applications:

  • Engine covers
  • Pump housings and wheels
  • Suction manifolds
  • Thin-walled miniature circuit breaker housings
  • Brake pistons

RWT-S 1000: Deflashing machine for 1–2 satellites per station and dual-step-operation. Can be equipped with up to 6 blasting nozzles. Various options available.


Turntable Unit SAS 1400
SAS cross-section
Rotary table with satellites
Blow-off chamber with nozzles


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