Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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Blasting Chambers

ST cabinet with screening unit
ST cabinet with screening unit
WSA 2000 with sliding gate
WSA 2000 with sliding gate
ST cabinet with workpiece transport mechanism
ST cabinet with workpiece transport mechanism

Integrate proven Rösler machine components with your blasting machines. Regardless of processing needed, workpieces involved, or degree of automation, you’ll find the right transport and blasting machines, and workpiece holders, to streamline your operations and maximize operational efficiency

ST-cabin with working grate
ST-cabin with rotating cage
ST-cabin with satellite

SAB 40/3000 deflashing machine and lead frames

Deflashing machine SAB 40/3000
Deflashing machine  SAB 40/3000

Loading of the lead frames is done manually, semi-automatically using magazines, or fully-automatically using a loading device. The lead frames are loaded continuously on the machine’s conveyor belt, which transports them through the blasting chamber equipped with injector nozzles on both sides. Cams located on the conveyor belt prevent the workpieces from slipping. Next, the lead frames move through a blow-off zone in which air nozzles remove any blast media still adhering to the workpieces.


SAB 40/3000 overview

  • Up to 20 blasting guns
  • Continuous operation
  • Desined and equipped for manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic use
  • Can handle up to 1,800 lead frames per hour
  • Adjustable guide rails to accommodate lead frames of various dimensions

The SAB 40/3000 deflashing machine was developed especially for use with lead frames

Series batch machines - Typ RMT 3

Series batch machines – RMT 3

The numerous advantages of this blasting machine are evident in its robust, compact design, compliance with the highest safety standards and many potential applications. The Series RMT 3 multi-tumbler is designed for bulk processing of small components having a minimum size of 2.5 mm. However, this machine is also capable of efficiently and economically handling larger, non-fragile workpieces. Mul-titumbler machines are well-suited for use as standalone systems as well as integrated with fully-automatic systems with loading/unloading equipment, which can be obtained from us. Units to automatically replenish the blast media can be integrated to allow reliable, unattended operation.

Bulk deflashing machines – SKI and RMBC series

Bulk deflashing machines - Typ SKI

SKI and RMBC series machines are especially suited for the batch processing of plastic components that can be tumbled.

SKI Series
The components are tumbled and blasted by blast nozzles in a wire mesh drum. For ease of removal, there is a side gate through which the blasted components can be removed.

Chargenanlage - Typ RMBC

RMBC series
A perforated, continuous rubber belt interacts with a laterally rotating disk form the chamber where the component batches are loaded. The machine is equipped with a blast wheel.

Wire mesh drum with nozzles
View of the ribbed conveyor belt


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