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Continuous Flow Installations

Continuous Flow Installations

Fully-automatic vibratory finishing

The continuous loading process is just one benefit of the continuous flow installations. Part input rates and dwell times may be varied in conjunction with the size and sensitivity of the components.  Consequently, this technology integrates well into automated process environments.  Our innovative attention to detail has been key to our continued success. These factors allow us to offer our customers the widest  range of linear continuous flow systems  in the industry.

This continuous linear machine is integrated into the production process with several machining clusters for grey iron cast components with individual weights of up to 50 kg.
Two linear flow systems 3000 with "pre-" and "post-finishing" operations.
Continuous system with connected spray washing station, hot air belt dryer with integrated blow-off station and rotary storage table.
Linear flow system 3000
With the Linear-Flow series we have brought the continuous flow installations to even higher levels of performance
Four our customers, this means thatt their components are in the most capable hands with this mass finishing machine
The special shape of the inner surface of the processing chamber is the result of intensive developmental efforts.
The problem-free separation of the processing media and the components is a decisive factor in the performance of an installation: separation effectiveness and component quality
The 6600 mm Rösler continuous flow system processing chamber is equipped with a special inclination technology.


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