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Drag Finishing Machines

Schleppfinisher R4/1300 SF
Schleppfinisher R4/700 SF

Impingement-free mass finishing

Drag Finishing systems are ideal for finishing high value and sensitive parts which  cannot touch each other during the finishing process.

A rotary carousel with up to twelve spindles and fixed parts  "drags" the workpieces through the media mass.  The rotation of both the carousel and the spindles guarantee an even treatment of the parts. Drag finishing offers a metal removal rate which is up to 40 times higher than vibratory finishing.




Compact drag finishers

Three machine types are complementing our drag finishing capabilities:

  • R 4/700 SF with 4 work stations (spindles) and a work bowl diameter of 700 mm : For gentle surface finishing of delicate components that shouldn´t touch during the finishing process
  • R 6/1000 SF with 6 work stations (spindles) and a work bowl diameter of 1000 mm
  • R 4/1300 SF with 4 work stations (spindles) and a work bowl diameter of 1,300 mm

Our drag finishers are equipped with frequency inverters for variable rotary speeds of carousel and work station drives. The main drive unit is designed for up-and-down movement. All our compact drag finishing systems require very little space.

Our system combines functionality with innovative equipment design which allows easy entry into professional drag finishing technology
With regard to manual processing, Rösler high power drag grinding or drag polishing systems can replace 10 manual workers
This high power process is the continuing development of vibratory finishing technology.
During the treatment, the components are dragged through a static grinding or polishing media mass without coming into contact with each other.
Automatic processing of high-value components, which no longer need to be finished by hand.
The latest technology to solve surface finishing problems on delicate parts.
Multi stage process for huge amounts of components with one single system! Grinding, smoothing, polishing – all without having to  re-attach the components
Consistent component quality due to constant process parameters.
The usable processing bowl diameter of 1300 mm allows the simultaneous processing of 12 different knee implants.


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