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Long Radius

Long Radius R 400/9 LR

Rotary vibrators with extra diameter

The LR concept offers a high degree of flexibility. Long radius machines can be used for in-line continuous processing and for batch processing. In batch processing, the machines are equipped with a pneumatic separation flap. Batch processing in LR machines allows the processing of larger parts, with a minimum of part-on-part contact.

Their main application is in-line, continuous-feed operation. Continuous-feed operation allows the LR machines to be placed directly into an in-line manufacturing process without having to invest in expensive batch loading equipment. In the  continuous, single lap process, the Long Radius flow systems  are ideal for fast deburring, edge breaking and radiussing. Parts made of zinc, aluminium or cast steel can be processed immediately after clipping or casting. Processing times of 4 to 16 minutes in a  single-pass cycle are possible.

A most recent example is the finishing of camshafts. The Processing objective was the removal of a light burr after machining, without changing the Rz surface readings. The automated LR system replaced a manual brush deburring.

The Long Radius Rotary Vibrator series consists of five types with a work channel length of 5 metres (R 250/5 LR, R 310/5 LR), 8 metres (R 480/8 LR) and 9 metres (R 400/9 LR, R 310/9 LR). In the picture: R 400/9 LR.

Rösler Long Radius vibratory finishing systems allow parts to be processed in either continuous-feed or batch mode
Rösler´s Long Radius machines were designed as "spiral bottom" machines
For batch operation, Long Radius machines can be equipped with an optional pneumatically-activated separation flap


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