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Plunge Grinding Machine

Tauschleifanlage mit verfahrbaren Wechselarbeitsbehältern

Precise and consistent surface finishing of sensitive components

Plunge grinding machines may be used to surface finish high quality parts which must not  touch each other during the finishing process. Typical parts are:

  • turbine disks
  • blades
  • medical  implants
  • high quality door handles,
  • etc.

In a Rösler plunge finishing system, the parts are attached to a high-speed rotating spindle, which is then lowered into a work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media.
The spindle is not limited to rotational action.  In addition, vertical oscillation and eccentric orbital movement can be used to enhance the grinding action.

Treatment of wheels
The edges of top-quality engine components for the aircraft industry are rounded precisely and safely within very narrow tolerances in this plunge-grinding system.
Treatment of wheels
Plunge-grinding system with mobile interchangeable work bowls for performing two machining processes on the same component.


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