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Rotary Vibrators

A proven vibratory finishing technology - rotary vibrators

Rösler rotary vibrators can be adapted to automated processing at any time with modular auxiliary systems for loading, unloading, rinsing, drying and other "pre-" and "post-finish" operations.

Sturdy and easy to operate, Rösler provides vibratory installations for a wide range of applications. A wide variety of part shapes and sizes can be finished to any kind of surface requirements.

High-Speed Vibrators

The new "high-speed" machine series reduces processing times by almost half compared with the processing times achieved with conventional rotary vibrator technology. The machine's performance is indeed fascinating: shorter grinding times, the same material abrasion and, at the same time, just forty per cent higher consumption of abrasive media. The system therefore makes sense also from an economic point of view. The outstanding feature of the high-speed rotary vibratory series is their up to sixty per cent improved grinding performance. In particular, the machines are suitable to process robust components such as forged, cast and punched parts.


Rotary vibrators with automatic parts loading system and post-treatment of finished parts.
Fully automatic mass-finishing installation with parts in handling.
Installation for part-on-part treatment with peripheral equipment.
Special systems for stone processing from small mosaic pieces to large slabs of marble, granite, etc.
EC Rotary Vibrators are truly general purpose machines.
Rösler Rotary Vibrators-high equipment quality and reliability standards with functional design.


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