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Rotomatic Continuous Flow Installations

Rotomatic Continuous Flow Installation R150/15 SE
Rotomatic Continuous Flow Installation SE

Continuous vibratory finishing for confined spaces

Developed by Rösler, the Rotomatic is suited for continuous deburring, grinding, cleaning, deflashing and other surface treatment applications, all within a relatively small footprint. Every Rotomatic is equipped with Rosler's  own High-Energy direct drive system. The innovative design of the Rotomatic's processing channel allows first-in / first-out processing with variable cycle times, and up to 89 feet of process channel length. With Rösler you have the largest product range at your disposal. No other manufacturer can offer a comparable selection.

Rotomatic System with component cleaning and drying and process-water recycling plant.
Rotomatic Continuous System with feed conveyor, hot-air belt dryer and rotary storage table.
In-house development and manufacture of all principal components ensures the superior overall concept of Rotomatic Continuous Systems.
High throughput, great economy and extensive automation potential are characteristic of tandem Rotomatic Continuous Systems.
The superior concept of the Rotomatic continuous flow system is guaranteed by in-house development and production of all main components
The Rotomatic units are ultra-modern, universally applicable, spiral-type throughfeed systems
Even large-volume parts are suitable for Rotomatic machining
Rotomatic systems with internal separation offer compact dimensions with no loss of performance


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