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Surf Finisher with rotating work bowl and “immersed” work piece
Surf Finisher with robotic work piece handling

A new innovation from the Rösler vibratory finishing division!

… for the automated, precision finishing of single components

With its rotating work bowl the Surf-Finisher creates an intensive finishing process at very short cycle times. It allows a highly defined, controlled deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, surface grinding & smoothing and high gloss polishing. The multi axis robotic component holder can precisely target the different surface areas of complex components. Surf-Finishing can be run as a dry and wet process and allows the finishing of specific component sections without affecting other surface sectors. The Surf-Finisher produces perfect surface finishes on the most intricate components with surface readings of as low as Ra = 0.04 µm.


Finishing processes for the Surf-Finisher:
Deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, surface grinding & smoothing, high gloss polishing


Typical applications:

Mass Finishing>Surffinisher >>Precise finishing of targeted work piece surface areas in the Surf Finisher
Mass Finishing>Surffinisher >>Effective noise reduction around the Surf Finishing system
Vibratory Finishing>Surffinisher >>Automatic finishing of precision parts in 30 minutes
Vibratory Finishing>Surffinisher >>A multi axis robotic component holder immerses the work pieces into the rotating work bowl filled with media


Christian Höhn
Tel.: +49 9533 924-891
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