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Trough Vibrators

Straight Tubs

Component Sizes are Unlimited

You can find this type of machine in applications where the biggest Rotary vibrator, because of the size of the parts,  might still be too small. Straight tubs are very suitable for large and sensitive parts which if necessary, can be treated in separate compartments without the risk of part on part impingement. In our unique range you will find different models with sizes from 178 mm x 533 mm up to 1,499 mm x 3,988 mm. Our special long trough vibrators have a cross section of 850 mm and a length of 6000 mm.

Rösler PA trough vibrators feature an integrated separation system. They can be used for ball burnishing as well as standard deburring.
Aapplications using stainless steel, ceramic or plastic media.
TS series tub vibrators, with processing bowl widths up to 1,100 mm and lengths up to 3,000 mm.
For efficient noise reduction, we offer noise absorbing covers or complete noise absorbing cabins.
Delicate, large components can be finished in a gentle fashion in long straight tubs.
The sophisticated tilting system allows for easy separation and removal of the components after they have been processed. For example the treatment of wheels is possible.
Including complete noise protection made of stainless steel


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