Fast and cost effective finishing of aluminum die-castings

When it comes to high volume production of complex aluminum die-castings, Kovolis Hedvikov a.s. is a sought after partner by numerous car manufacturers and their suppliers. To expand its capacity and...More Information
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Testcenter Vibratory Finishing
Testcenter Vibratory Finishing
Testcenter Shot Blasting
Testcenter Shot Blasting

Test centre

The secret to our success is the "Total Process Solution"!
We develop the finishing process and the required finishing equipment around the specific surface finishing problem at hand.  Of special importance is the integration of the finishing system into the overall manufacturing system at the customer.
It all starts with processing trials in one of our test centres.  Here, we determine the best finishing process - vibratory finishing or shot blasting.
We develop and manufacture all of our system components:    media and compound

  • finishing equipment
  • filter systems
  • required peripheral equipment (i.e. loading and unloading systems, dryers, etc.)

In-house engineering and manufacturing allows us to always offer optimum finishing solutions to our customers.
 The vibratory finishing and shot blast test centres at our headquarters in Untermerzbach, Germany, are equipped with over 95 vibratory finishing and shot blast systems with an area of 2,700 m2 (approx. 27,000 sq ft). In addition, our sales branches in North America, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, South Africa and Brazil operate their own test centres.



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