Dry electropolishing (DryLyte)

Carbide Series

The DryLyte technology for cemented carbides in the toolmaking industry

In the carbide tool industry up to 15% of the production costs and nearly 20% of the production time are needed for creating the cutting edge and flute. The performance and expected uptime of the cutting edge and flute depends to a large extent on how they are created.

The DryLyte technology offers numerous advantages:

  • Because DryLyte is a non-abrasive process, the edges are rounded in a highly controlled and repeatable manner

  • Substantial improvement of the tool performance and uptime 

  • Surface refinement without any unwanted change of the work piece geometry

  • Drastic reduction of the generation of micro breakage at the cutting tools

  • Innovative work piece mounting system

  • Proven hardware

  • Tailormade software solutions

  • User-friendly equipment design

  • Ecofriendly and CE-certified

  • Easy exchange of the processing media

DLyte 10PRO Carbide

Ø120 mm x 50 mm

DLyte 100PRO Carbide

Ø180 mm x 80 mm

DLyte PRO500 Carbide

Ø700 mm x 250 mm

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