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Mass Finishing Tip 1. Regularly Check That You Have Enough Media In Your Machine

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As most media (ceramic and/or plastic) wear, the level in your machine can drop significantly over time.  As mass finishing processes work by covering the part with the media and the media moving over the edges to create the deburring, radiusing, etc.. it is important a ratio of media : parts is retained.



Should the level of media drop then your finish could be affected, your process time extended and in unloading machines with separation screen you may find that the parts won't evacuate correctly (worst case scenario) or that it takes longer to unload the last 25% of the parts than it does to get the 75% majority out.


[caption id="attachment_29" align="aligncenter" width="204"] Standard vibratory finishing machines[/caption]


When a process is first developed an ideal loading of parts will be determined and a full load (parts and media) should fill the process bowl as follows:

  • Rotary vibratory bowl with separation screen = 70% full to the top allowing media and parts to pass under the separation screen without touching the underside of the screen.
  • Rotary vibratory bowl without screen = 70 to 80% full to the top.
  • Trough vibratory bowl = 80 to 90% full to the top.



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