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Mass Finishing Tip 5. Too Many Parts In The Machine

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When your process is first established a full load of parts should be calculated (be it 5,500 or even 5,000). This number of parts will be equivalent to a volume which then be added to the media to fill the machine to the correct level ensuring that all operates as it should.


Put too few components in the machine and besides being an unusually expensive process where this is the case you may also experience issues where the machine mass (media and parts) don’t move the way they should which in extreme cases could affect the quality and consistency of your finish.  More of an issue though would be to put too many parts in the machine (where people think they are doing the right thing for the company as it would equate to a lower per-part finishing cost) and you may end up causing severe problems for yourself.  Where too many parts are loaded the machine can become overfilled, this will affect the ratio of consumables-to- parts which will absolutely affect the quality and consistency of the finish and worse still, where the machine has a separation screen then it could result in components being damaged as they ‘catch’ on the underside of the screen or ‘chatter’ against each other on top of the media fighting against each other to be submerged back in the mass.




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