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Mass Finishing Tip 6. Check The Machine Is Running The Correct Way

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Occasionally vibro machines are disconnected and wired back in (following relocation, repair, etc…). Often machines can have the electrical phases reversed and can run backwards. Whilst the machine will process you willMachine running the correct way find the result isn’t as good as it should be, movement will be slow (this may look similar to when the drains are blocked) and unloading the machine can be very slow – to the point where all parts will not unload automatically over a separation screen (where fitted). Key here is to look at the ‘roll’ of the mass in the machine. If you see parts and media are rolling to the outer wall of the machine more than into the centre (which is the correct rotation) then there’s every chance the phases have been reversed. In this case disconnect the machine from the supply, reverse the phases and restart – you should see the media roll into the centre immediately as a result.




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