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Centrifugal Disc Finishing Tip 6. Check The Machine Is Running The Correct Way

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Occasionally machines are disconnected and wired back in (following relocation, repair, etc…). When this happens machines can have the electrical phases reversed and can run backwards. Whilst the machine will process you will find the result isn’t as good as it should be.



It is important that when a machine has been disconnected that you ensure the tub (bowl) and spinners are replaced correctly and the direction of the spinner is correct. This is particularly important when a tub has flights as in this type of design, when the spinner is going in the wrong direction media drives against the back of the flight, creates a ‘swell’ and reduces the efficiency of the media flow. This can result in a longer process time, a reduced ‘grinding effect’ and in a higher wear rate on tubs and spinners (due to the impact of the ‘swell’) which will again result in their more frequent replacement (resulting in unnecessary costs and downtime).


Correct Rotation


Incorrect Rotation




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