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Centrifugal Disc Finishing Tip 8. Check You Are Following The Process Parameters

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It is said that where a human being is involved in a process there is typically a 3% risk of error. This is because we lose focus, become distracted and invariably seek to find a way to make our lives easier. Worse still with variables such as media, water, compound, volumes of parts to be processed and process time with a mass finishing process there is often too much to tamper with!



Our experience is that people love to change things. Whilst you will always be the masters of your own parts and know them better than us, we do know that through many years of experience process parameters need to be set and then adhered to.


Where your finish requirement isn’t being met and you’ve checked the above list of possible causes and find nothing there is good chance someone has changed something. Check through your parameters and ensure they are being followed. If they are and you still have an issue give us a call and we’ll visit to see how we can help. If they aren’t and you find something that has changed, simply change it back and your problem should be resolved. The beauty with mass finishing is that it is consistent and what you will produce in any one day will be the same as any other providing the parameters are the same.




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