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Surf Finishing – What Is It And Why Should You Consider Using It?

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Surf finishing is a fully automatic, dry and/or wet processing method with; extremely short cycle times, high process stability, repeatability and can provide finishing of precisely targeted surface areas for deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing of delicate, high-value components with complex geometries.



Benefits of the technology include:

  • The ideal combination of robotic handling and special media motion, depending on the finishing application, the flow finishing technology uses either one or multiple 6-axis robotic arms to lower the components into a rotating processing bowl filled with grinding or polishing media.
  • The ‘Surf’ finishing process allows either all-around surface finishing of the components or the selective treatment of targeted surface areas. The simultaneous flow of the components through the grinding media and the rotation of the processing bowl generate an extremely high grinding pressure. The result is a very intensive process and a perfect surface finish, in amazingly short cycle times.
  • ‘Surf’ finishing equipment guarantees very high process stability and repeatability and is therefore the ideal technology for single component treatment. It has been developed for use in the high value component industries such as; aerospace, automotive, hydraulic, energy generating and many others, where precise deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing are essential. Multiple component / part specific processing programs are stored in the system controls from where they can be quickly retrieved by the operator.
  • The treatment process can be augmented by material handling and other auxiliary equipment such as component / part transport systems and part washers. Therefore, flow finishing equipment can be easily integrated into complex, automated manufacturing lines.



Finishing processes for Surf Finishing include:

  • Deburring
  • Edge breaking
  • Radiusing
  • Surface grinding
  • Smoothing
  • Split line removal
  • High gloss polishing



Typical applications where the technology can be used include:

  • Orthopedic implants (knees, hip stems)
  • Gas turbine components
  • Toothed gear components
  • Tool clamping systems & holders (for drill bits, milling tools)
  • Machining tools (edge machining, etc.)
  • Automotive components (connecting rods, pistons, valves, transmission parts, cams and camshafts)
  • Aerospace (turbine and transmission components)
  • Precision parts



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