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Air Blasting Tip 3 - Choose The Smallest Blast Media Size That Will Do What Is Required

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Smaller sized air blast medias will saturate the surface fastest.


Either venturie / suction or pressurised delivery systems are capable of delivering many more media particulates per second.



Use the least aggressive blast media to perform the process required. This will result in the least media consumption, least wear and lowest equipment maintenance cost.  Smaller sized medias provide more particles per cubic cm (or other volume) thereby covering the surface faster.


Larger sized blast media than is necessary to perform the required job may last longer but the time taken to process will increase because not as many blast media particulates have been delivered to the surface. Another effect will be inconsistency.




Click to read Tip No. 4 Remember that a small, heavy/dense media particle will gain much more energy than a large light particle.




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