Air Blasting

Air Blast Tip 1 - Ensure You're Working To The Correct Parameters

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Choose the most suitable blast media for the air blast application, set the correct media to air ratio together with distance between blast nozzle and work.


Example, if it is a cleaning process, then use a media suited to the purpose, it is not necessary to use say an aluminium oxide, when a non-abrasive glass or ceramic bead will maintain tolerances!



It is important to set the media to air ratio correctly to optimise the work effort.  This means that the flow of media is smooth, constant and adjusted at the air/media pick up point in or immediately below the media hopper.


The distance between the end of the nozzle and work is normally between 125mm and 225mm with a good average of 150mm.


Various sized air jets and nozzles are available.  Depending on the specification of air available, finesse of finish required or more process speed (coverage), air jets and nozzle sizes can be decided upon later.




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Click to read Tip No. 2 Select the correct air pressure to deliver the chosen media and optimize both work speed and costs.




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