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Air Blasting Tip 2 - Select The Correct Air Pressure To Deliver The Chosen Media And Optimise Both Work Speed And Costs

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If glass beads are chosen as a beadblast process, they are initially round and have no cutting edges, they are relatively soft but still friable. If they break on impact, the two or more particles now have potential cutting edges.



On a venturie / suction blast system it is not recommended to run with an air pressure over 80psi (5.5 bar) and work with the end of the blast nozzle some 125mm - 150mm away from the component. By doing so this will maintain the bead spherical shape.  Used at a slightly lower pressure will more than likely maintain tolerances and clean exceptionally well.RSKI1000-So On a pressure delivery system these same beads could be delivered at between 20 to 45psi (1.3bar to 3 bar) as they are light in density, round and free flowing. Take care to work with the end of the blast nozzle some 150mm or more away from the component surface, as the speed/velocity of the glass beads will be greater than that delivered by suction / venturie system.  Temptation to work at a closer distance will result in a faster break down and consumption of the glass bead resulting in an inconsistent surface and repeatability will not be achieved.ST1400SFC9555






Click to read Tip No. 3 Choose the smallest media size that will do what is required.




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