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Air Blasting Tip 6 - On The Venturie / Suction Delivery System Alternative Regulation Requires Attention

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RSKI_1000Under the blast media hopper, placed under the base of the cabinet floor or under the cyclone unit, you will find the blast media pick up device, referred to in our introduction Part 1.  There are several designs on the market each purporting their advantages, however, in principle they almost always work the same, some designs better than others.   It is important to understand how this simple but effective pick up method works as this is critical to the process.


To draw both blast media and air in through this pick up device, it requires to be set up by adjusting the air to media ratio. Once fixed, this is set and need not be changed until another blast media or size is required.



As a principle it is very simple. The further you push the tube in the more blast media to air is achieved.

  1. To set this up in the first place it can be achieved singularly but almost always requires a second person to make it easier.
  2. A second person sets the blast cabinet and blast gun to action by pressing the pedal and to observe the blast flow and action.
  3. At the same time the first person proceeds to place the “pick up tube” end into the “pick up box”, reasonably slowly until a â€œHunting Sound”  is heard (i.e. small intermittent surges of abrasive). This means that the tube has been pushed a little too far and the "hunting sound" is indicating a requirement to back off (pull out) just a touch.
  4. As soon as the "hunting sound" disappears and the second person observes that the blast delivery has a smooth flow the air to blast media ratio is perfect!
  5. Use the "Grub" screw to secure it in place.



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