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Surf Finishing - A New Standard

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sandra wishes!Surf-Finisher – a new standard for automated precision surface finishing


Surf Finishing is a new surface finishing technology that can be incorporated in an automated system combining; loading, handling, processing and even inspection all in one which can give an added benefit of retaining traceability on parts.



With its many technical features Surf Finishing opens completely new possibilities for the precise, targeted dry or wet surface treatment of complex components.


At the heart of a Surf Finishing system is one or two 6-axis robots and rotating work bowls filled with specially selected grinding and polishing media. Work bowls come in various sizes allowing the treatment of  a wide-range of components, and it is automated for singular or multiple stage finishing of work pieces.




Using a robot Surf Finishing fulfills several functions:

  • Material handling is automated by picking up the work pieces from and returning them to a load/unload facility
  • parts are automatically submersed into the appropriate work bowls
  • The robot guides the work pieces through the processing media in pre-programmed movements including defined treatment angles, various immersion depths and rotary motion
  • Targeted finishing of specific surface areas on the work pieces can be achieved which isn't always possible and/or easy to achieve using other mass finishing techniques
  • High quality surface finishes and radii can be achieved as a result of media rotating at speeds of up to 80 RPM.  The actual speed is determined by the work pieces to be treated and the respective finishing task
  • The â€œsurfing” effect is created by positioning the part in the rotating media. This surface smoothing produces perfect finishes with short cycle times, even with complex work piece geometries, surface readings of as low as Ra = 0.04 ”m (1.6 micro inches).
  • The robot(s) can conveys parts to other functions, such as cleaning/rinsing/drying station and 3D measurement for validation after they have been processed which eliminates any post processing handling

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