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Vegetable Blast Media - Choice And Use

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Non-abrasive blast medias 

These vegetable medias are of a hardness on MOH's scale 2-3



Walnut Shell and Prunus Material


Walnut shell and prunus material is the hard fibrous product made from ground or crushed walnut shells and other prunus vegetable materials such as olive stone and cherry pips.  When used as a blasting media walnut shell is extremely durable, angular and multi-faceted.  It is considered a 'soft cleaning abrasive'.


Walnut Shell


Blast cleaning with walnut shell is particularly effective where the substrate should remain dimensionally  unchanged and is good for the removal of old paint, dirt, scale, carbon, etc.  Walnut shell grit can be used as a soft blast agent, for removing foreign matter or coatings from surfaces without etching, scratching or spoiling cleaned areas.


Applications: Blast Cleaning


When used with the right* walnut shell blasting equipment, common blast cleaning applications include stripping automotive structures and lorry panels, cleaning delicate moulds, jewellery , armatures and electric motors prior to rewinding and deflashing plastics.  Walnut shell removes paint, de-flash, de-burrs and  removes flash from plastic and rubber mouldings, aluminum and zinc die-casting and used in electronic industries. Walnut shell can also be employed for paint removal, graffiti removal and general cleaning in restoration of buildings, bridges and outdoor statues.




Maize or Corn on the Cob


Corn cob blasting is a safe blasting media for delicate parts.  Corn cob blast media will remove surface contamination, debris and coatings with little to no impact on the substrate.  It is resistant to break down and can be re-used multiple times in the blasting process.





  • Removal of corrosion and carbon from automotive components and electrical equipments.
  • Deflashing and cleaning components without dimensional change.
  • Cleaning marine turbines.
  • The blast cleaning of wood can be accomplished successfully using maize corn cob.
  • A graffiti covered wood bridge, garage or other wooden structure, showing age and or coated with lichens can benefit from a careful blast procedure. It allows such items to be restored to its original condition and beauty. Similar processes are used for wood restoration after fire and water damage.

The benefits of maize / corn cob - is that it is biodegradable, an organic blasting media that is obtained from the hard woody internal ring of the cob.  Corn cob is available in a variety of particle sizes and presents no health or environmental hazards.  It leaves a clean and dry surface.


The more commonly used medias are:

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