Compound for Mass Finishing Machines - What Is It and What Does It Do?

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Compound for mass finishing machines  is an essential part of the process.  There are a huge variety of compounds available and their function is to:-

  1. Maintain the action of the media by loosening and separating metal fines from the surface of the chips and to keep them suspended in solution so that they can be carried out of the process tub.
  2. Change the action of a media by chemical activity
  3. Provide an aqueous solution contained water-softening ingredients, detergents for cleaning both media and component, to chemically brighten and to provide inhibitors to prevent rust on ferrous components and tarnish on all metals


The importance of using the correct compounds in the finishing process cannot be emphasised too strongly.


CompoundIn general there are four types of compound these are: -

  • Cleaning
  • Inhibiting
  • Burnishing
  • Descaling

Within each heading however there are variations which are intended for specific purposes.


Compounds are used in the same way as the cutting fluid in grinding and machining operations.  As such they are diluted before being applied to the process.


Compounds are normally applied to the process by one of two systems:

  1. Compound metering units
  2. Compound dosing units

In both types the function is to supply a mixture of compound in water to the process tub in the correct proportions.


The difference between the two lies in the accuracy achieved in administering the right amount of compound to the process. There can however be an exception to this. On occasions when special compounds are being used for polishing or other operations it is possible, and desirable, to retain the compound for re-use. In these instances it can be of advantage to use a recirculation system rather than a metering system. Such a system would incorporate a filter unit to remove solids from the solution before recirculating it.




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