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Blast cleaning with a suitably soft media, cleans fast and is environmentally friendly.  It provides a quick reconditioning, reclamation and renewal of dirty, corroded, worn machined components.  And is of vital importance to mechanical engineers, in the process of maintenance, component re-claim, rebuilders and re-manufacturers.



Automotive components


Maintenance, cleaning  and refurbishment of  private and commercial transport components for passengers and cargo.  These include rockets, satellites, aircraft, trains, ships, cars, vans, trucks, buses and coaches.


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download (2)A modern world consumes vast amounts of power generated by engines and motors, transferred by gear boxes and drivetrains all of which have component parts that are subject to heat, abrasion, vibration, wear, combustion and accumulated deposits.




images (53)A world of vehicles and transport systems operating in extremes of temperature, humidity, harsh salt and chemical environmental attack, causes corrosion, paint and coating deterioration and the seizing of component parts.


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