Rosler Offers Unique Solutions – Record-setting Preservation Line Used for Shipbuilding

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“Finding a Better Way” isn’t just a tagline at Rosler Metal Finishing; it’s a mission. A recent preservation line developed by Rosler Germany is no exception.


The creation of a 740-foot-long (225 meters) shot blasting line with straightening equipment is the largest equipment project Rosler Germany has ever undertaken. Commissioned by Meyer Shipyard in Turku, Finland, the state-of-the-art equipment will be used to prepare and finish materials for building cruise ships.



Often covered with rust or scale from the roll forming process, steel profiles are stored outside and exposed to the elements. They must be properly cleaned and prepared before construction begins.


The equipment features leveling stations for bulb flat steel, straight flat steel profiles, and steel plates, all of which were designed and built by Rosler. It consists of an inter-linked work piece transport system, pre-heaters, two independent shot blast machines, suitable leveling systems for beams and plates and a paint station with dryer.


All system components are linked with each other and integrated into the production control system of the shipyard. Upon arrival of the work pieces at the line entrance, the control system automatically determines if the work pieces must be cleaned, shot blasted, leveled, with which color they must be painted, or if they must only undergo a partial process. For every finished component, all process parameter are reported back to the production control system allowing for complete and precise documentation.


Three years ago, Rosler was commissioned to build a preservation line at ND Coatings, a strategic partner of the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. This is the second project Rosler and Meyer have collaborated on.


A key factor in the customer’s decision to go with the Rosler concept initially was the high productivity and reliability of the preservation line Rosler had supplied to ND Coatings for corrosion protection, insulation and surface treatment. This is one of the most modern and eco-friendly preservation lines in the world!


In addition to being one of the largest of its kind, the ability to source the entire line from a single source supplier also presented a significant advantage to Meyer. By relying on a multi-faceted Rosler solution, Meyer was able to streamline the procurement process as well as the preservation process itself.


Rosler Germany invested significant time and engineering expertise to create a preservation line that met Meyer’s needs and offered exceptional performance. More information about this project is available on page page 7 of the 2018 edition of Chip, Rosler's annual newsletter.


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