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Forge & Foundry, Part 8 – Frequently Used Shot Blasting Machines for Sand Castings

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With extensive experience in the forge and foundry industries, Rosler Metal Finishing understands that no two shot blasting processes and work pieces are alike. With that in mind, we continue our Forge & Foundry Blog Series with an overview of our machines offering excellent finishing for sand castings.


If you demand precise, repeatable results when shot blasting sand castings, consider the following machines. As always, the experts at Rosler are also available to develop a customized machine to accommodate your unique work pieces and challenges.


RMBD Continuous Tumble Belt Machine


Rosler RMBD Continuous Tumble Belt Machine


The high-capacity, continuous feed RMBD is available in a heavy-duty version for foundry applications equipped with 6 x 40 HP turbines, a steel-slatted work piece transport belt, and a magnetic separator.



Die casting work pieces cleaned and processed by Rosler's RMBD


Ideal Work Pieces — Large volumes of small- to mid-sized work pieces such as connecting rods, transverse car links, parts for automatic transmissions, locking systems, brake pads, oil pans, cylinder head covers


RHBD Continuous Spinner Hanger Machine


Rosler RHBD Continuous Spinner Hanger Machine


With an overhead monorail trolley transport system, the RHBD is capable of processing single, large and heavy work pieces in continuous feed mode while batches of small- to mid-sized work pieces can be placed on a special work piece fixture shaped like a Christmas tree. The special foundry version features extra wear lining in the blast chamber and a magnetic separator.


Iron castings processed by Rosler's RHBD


Ideal Work Pieces — Pump housings, large crankshafts, windmill components, fire hydrants, valve bodies, turbocharger housings, impellers


RDGE Continuous Wire Mesh Belt Machine


Rosler RDGE Continuous Wire Mesh Belt Machine


Work pieces pass through the shot blast area on a wire mesh belt, never touching each other during the shot blast process. The heavy-duty foundry version of the RDGE includes an extra 5/8-in-thick wear lining, special eight-bladed turbines, and a vibratory screen conveyor in place of a media auger.


An oil pan after being processed by Rosler's RDGE


Ideal Work Pieces — Delicate mid-sized components such as cylinder head covers, oil pans, transmission housings, gears, door pillars for passenger cars


RMT Multi-Tumbler Batch Shot Machine


Rosler RMT Tumbler Bast Shot Blast Machine Barrel


The RMT’s specially shaped rotary drum optimizes work piece mixing. For foundry applications, a vibratory screen conveyor replaces the standard media auger and a magnetic separator and extra wear lining are added.


Small investment castings processed by Rosler's RMT


Ideal Work Pieces — Very small to mid-sized, sturdy components such as bushings, small shafts, ratchet braces, chain links, housings, levers


RMBC Batch Tumble Belt Blast Machine


Rosler's RMBC Batch Tumblast Machine


The heart of the RMBC batch machine is an endless belt made from rubber or steel slats forming a trough. Work pieces tumble intensively within the trough.


Nuts processed in bulk by Rosler's RMBC


Ideal Work Pieces — Relatively small and mid-sized, sturdy components including cast turbine blades, all kinds of fittings, small pump housings, shafts, small gears


RHBE Batch Spinner Hanger Machine


Rosler RHBE Batch Spinner Hanger Machine with heavy-duty crane


An electric trolley running on an overhead rail, usually in the shape of a Y, drives the work pieces in and out of the RHBE shot blast machine.


Rosler's RHBE processes large, heavy parts


Ideal Work Pieces — Mid-sized to very large and heavy work pieces weighing up to 15 tons including large wind power components, large crankshafts, large engine blocks, pump housings, fire hydrants, valve bodies


RDT Rotary Table Machine


Rosler RDT 250 Rotary Table Machine with an empty table


Single, large components or batches of smaller work pieces are placed on a rotary table within the RDT and blasted from above.


A forging die processed by Rosler's RDT


Ideal Work Pieces — Mid-sized to large, heavy components including the cleaning of prototypes, large casters, pulleys; frequently used for cleaning of casting, forging, and other molds


RWK Turning Chamber Machine


Rosler RWK Turning Chamber Machine


The RWK is equipped with a circular chamber divided into two 180° sections with one section in the blast chamber and the other section at the load/unload station. After each cycle the chamber rotates 180° to allow for simultaneous loading/unloading and processing.


An automotive wheel processed by Rosler's RWK


Ideal Work Pieces — Circular and semi-circular parts up to 48 in high such as drive shafts, torsion bars for automobiles, large coil springs, bevel gear components, automotive wheels


RROB Roboblaster


Rosler RROB Roboblaster Machine


The center of the RROB is a robot, which does the loading/unloading as well as the handling of the work pieces in the blast machine. The robot picks up one, single raw work piece from the staging system (e.g. a conveyor), holds the work piece into the blast chamber while constantly rotating it, and deposits it back on the conveyor.


A cylinder head casting processed by Rosler's RROB


Ideal Work Pieces — Cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission housings


RMBS Blast Machine with Integrated Gripper


Rosler RMBS Blast Machine with Integrated Gripper


The RMBS is a specialized machine equipped with a gripper system that rotates and oscillates work pieces weighing up to 11,000 lbs in the blast chamber. Twin robots transfer the work pieces to and from the gripper system. 


An engine block processed by Rosler's RMBS


Ideal Work Pieces — Large, heavy castings such as engine blocks


The Rosler Way


The experts at Rosler are available to collaborate with you to find the right machine and process for your sand castings. Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your finishing processes and schedule a free sample processing in our test center.


The complete Forge & Foundry Series includes:



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