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Polishing Processes Benefit from Pre-tumbled Media

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Media selection is key in any surface finishing process since these consumables are essential “precision tools” required to achieve the specified finishing results.


Whether you are developing a new mass finishing process or changing process parameters including different work pieces, process times, and requirements, partnering with an experienced expert will help you in evaluating all process parameters.


With decades of experience developing mass finishing machines and manufacturing media and compounds, Rosler is an excellent source for guidance. In some cases, pre-tumbled media may be suggested.


What is Pre-tumbled Media?


After production, some types of pre-polishing and polishing media are pre-tumbled by the manufacturer. This process breaks sharp points and corners off individual media pieces to create smoother edges.



Without this step, media still has sharp edges and a relatively rough surface. For heavy‐duty deburring and surface grinding this abrasiveness produces a welcome benefit. Yet for pre‐polishing and polishing purposes it is a distinct disadvantage since the initial surface conditions of the media can cause micro scratches and prevent the desired smooth/polished finish.


Polished knives processed with pre-tumbled media


When is Pre-tumbled Media Useful?


The need for pre-tumbled media applies primarily to finishing tasks requiring a very smooth surface finish with the ultimate goal of a high-gloss polish. These polishes can only be achieved with pre-tumbled media.


In addition to the desired process, the state of the process may also factor into the need for pre-tumbled media. For new processes requiring a complete load of new media, the use of pre-tumbled media is an absolute must while media for established processes may not need pre-tumbling if only small quantities of new media are added to offset media wear and undersized media discharge.


When in Doubt, Test Your Media.


Whether your process uses ceramic, plastic, or drying and polishing media, a crucial step in selecting media should always be consulting experts, i.e. your supplier.


Since a media change might require extended test trials, an experienced partner should test prospective media with your specific work piece in their test lab.


Rosler test center


The Rosler Way


With more than 80 years of experience in surface finishing, the Rosler team is well equipped to provide media selection guidance and FREE testing in our global test centers.


For new processes and adjustments, contact us for all your surface finishing and media needs!


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