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Centrifuge Technology, Part 4 – Pre-Conditions and Consumables Enhance Process Efficiency

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Establishing and maintaining an effective and cost-efficient process water recycling system requires consideration of a few essential points. Without the proper compounds, additives, and monitoring, even a well-designed piece of centrifuge technology is bound to falter and, eventually, fail.


Rosler has extensive experience in mass finishing, including designing and manufacturing equipment, fine-tuning processes, and supplying the right consumables for a variety of processes. With our knowledge, preconditions and consumables can be calibrated for maximum process efficiency.


Special Recycling Compounds


Mass finishing compounds fulfill numerous tasks such as degreasing/de-oiling work pieces, burnishing/brightening surfaces, and providing a temporary corrosion protection. Above all though, the primary task of the compounds is to keep the media and work pieces clean to achieve the desired finishing goals and keep the mass finishing process stable.



Since compounds stay in the process water rather than being collected and discharged with contaminants, compounds used in recycled process water must have special technical attributes. In addition to their standard properties these recycling compounds must:


  • Have better dirt dispersing capabilities than single-use cleaners.
  • Create very little foam.
  • Be highly compatible with the process water cleaners.
  • Prevent bacteria growth in the system.


Cleaners designed for single-use processes would not provide adequate cleaning of the water or the work pieces and may allow contaminants to reenter the equipment with recycled water, potentially damaging the machine.


Process Water Cleaning Additives


Whether in liquid or powder form, cleaning additives known as flocculants must be added to the process water to support the cleaning effect of the centrifuge.


Certain process water cleaners combine tiny solid fines into larger and heavier particles, making it easier for the centrifuge to separate them from the liquid. Other cleaners pick up tiny droplets of emulsified oil and combine them with the solids into larger flocs, which are then separated from the liquid in the centrifuge.


Finding Balance


Rosler Water Recirculation System


When work pieces enter the mass finishing machine, they carry a variety of contaminants as well as some sort of surface material that is in need of removal or texturing. During the finishing process, effluent or used process water is transferred to an effluent holding tank where it awaits cleaning.


The centrifuge processes “dirty” process water using the centrifugal force of more than 2,000 G to separate clean, reusable water and compounds from sludge for discharge. The clean water is stored in a clean water tank ready to be re-used in the finishing process.


Automatic and semi-automatic systems monitor the composition of the cleaned water to add additional water and compounds as needed. The process water is then sent back to the finishing machine for reuse.


Consumable Expertise


In conjunction with centrifuge technology, Rosler offers a complete range of suitable recycling compounds and process water cleaners.


For best results, the compound concentration in process water must be approximately 2% although certain applications may have to be somewhat higher.


Mass finishing processes utilizing process water recycling with centrifuges require special dosing systems to monitor and maintain compound and process water cleaner levels. They also require a water top‐up system to replace process water lost by carry‐out and evaporation. Automated and semi-automated options are available.


The Rosler Way


Whether ensuring that the precondition of recycled water is suitable for reuse or selecting the most effective cleaning consumables are used in and outside a centrifuge process, Rosler sticks to its motto of “Finding a better way
” Contact us to discuss your cleaning centrifuge challenges so we can get to work developing a solution.


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